20 January, 2018

Jewish Canadian billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman were murdered, report says - Americas - Haaretz.com

Jewish Canadian billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman were murdered, report says - Americas - Haaretz.com: "Canadian Jewish couple Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in December in what hired private investigators called a professional, contract killing, The Toronto Star reported on Saturday.


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What it's really like to be sued by a patent troll -- and how to stop it | VentureBeat

What it's really like to be sued by a patent troll -- and how to stop it | VentureBeat: "I believe in the Constitutional protections afforded to inventors that bring products to market. But, I think it’s wrong that PAEs, whose sole business is to make money from suing other businesses, should legally attack everyone from engineers to suppliers by trying to force a “nuisance value” settlement. These “small” settlements can cost a kid’s mom or dad their raise, or worse, their job. This PAE problem, in my view, will not be solved by our lawmakers, and I can’t continue to accept them as a “cost of doing business.” That is why I have become an evangelist for initiatives that aim to combat PAEs on a more systematic basis.


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Old Local Figures


Clark’s account made me laugh out
loud and also shed tears and made me think, which is a tribute to any book. Intensely personal, it deals
with youth, fearful combat, terrible injury, recuperation, love, marriage, business, politics, flying, family,
risk-taking, defeat, triumph, the mystery of joy and suffering, and the he

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Your Dekalb Famers Market


We declare that the world is designed to work.

We are responsible for what does not work.

We make the difference.

No matter how technologically advanced

we become, we cannot escape our fundamental

relationships with food and each other.

The possibility of these relationships is

the world market. In this context, the world works

for everyone free of scarcity and suffering. We commit ourselves to the possibility

this world market is for the

future generations of this planet.

 If we can imagine as real a world that works free of

scarcity and suffering, then it is possible.

Each of us has in us that which makes the difference.

Dare we be ourselves.

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Andrew Sullivan: #MeToo and the Taboo Topic of Nature

Andrew Sullivan: #MeToo and the Taboo Topic of Nature: "The alternative explanation — that these core natural differences between men and women have been supplemented by centuries of conscious oppression — is staring us in the face. The fascinating conundrum is where one ends and the other begins. How much of this difference is natural and how much is social? That is the question. And the answer is a tricky one. Is the fact that the vast majority of construction workers are male and the huge majority of nurses are female a function of sexism or nature? Is male sexual aggression and horniness a function of patriarchy or testosterone? Is the fact that women now outnumber men among college graduates a function of reverse sexism or nature?"

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An Iraqi boy saved my squad in 2005 : Military

An Iraqi boy saved my squad in 2005 : Military: "I was lead vehicle gunner for PSD for a GO. I wrote home and asked for stuffed animals to be sent to me to share with the kids who lined to streets in certain areas to wave to us as we drove through. We had a mission to set up a hasty landing zone for the Boss to fly into and then go check out a bridge to an oil field that kept getting blown up. On our way there was a kid on the side of the road I tossed a teddy bear to him and he caught it and jumped up and down. This was wide open desert and the only kid in the area. After our mission was complete we returned to base to be informed the following day we would be tasked with the same mission. Set up LZ for General to land and then drive back to base after. As we headed home on our same route as the day before the kid with the bear from yesterday was in the middle of the road. He was frantically waving us to stop. I yelled down to my team leader that this was the kid from the previous day. Since the area was pretty wide open we felt safe to stop and see what was up. My team leader dismounted the truck and walked to the boy. He spoke no english and my team leader very little Arabic so the boy took his hand and to the side of the road he pulled him. The boy then reached down and moved some dirt uncovering wires and what appeared to be an IED. "

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19 January, 2018

This Is Survival | By Aly Raisman

This Is Survival | By Aly Raisman:

I also want people to understand that abuse is never O.K. One person is too many and one time is too often. We must protect the survivors and people who are suffering in silence. We must support those who come forward, whether it is today, tomorrow, in three months, one year from now, 10 years from now. Whenever it is, everyone must show support. Victim shaming must stop. There are those who ask tough questions. Why didn’t you speak up? Why are you just speaking now? Are you nervous this will define you? To them I ask that they consider how complicated it is to deal with abuse. Abusers are often master manipulators and make their survivors feel confused and guilty for thinking badly of their abusers. And the abusers also often make everyone around them stand up for them, leaving the survivor afraid that no one will believe them. That needs to stop. Those who look the other way must stop and help protect those being hurt. Abusers must never be protected.
The power needs to shift to the survivors.
Sexual abuse isn’t just in the moment. It is forever. Healing is forever.

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How a Mormon lawyer transformed archaeology in Mexico—and ended up losing his faith | Science | AAAS

How a Mormon lawyer transformed archaeology in Mexico—and ended up losing his faith | Science | AAAS:

Ferguson learned the news from a frontpage article in the newspaper Deseret News on 27 November 1967. Within days, he wrote to a friend in the church leadership, begging to know whether the papyri would be studied. Hearing that no studies were planned, Ferguson, as ever, took matters into his own hands. He received photos of the documents from the church and hired Egyptologists at UC Berkeley to translate them. He told the scholars nothing about the religious significance of the papyri. "He was conducting a clearly blind test," Clark says.
The results started coming in 6 weeks later. "I believe that all of these are spells from the Egyptian Book of the Dead," UC Berkeley Egyptologist Leonard Lesko wrote to Ferguson. Three other scholars independently gave Ferguson the same result: The texts were authentic ancient Egyptian, but represented one of the most common documents in that culture.
After decades of stressing the importance of the scientific method and using it to shore up his own faith, Ferguson now found himself at its mercy. "I must conclude that Joseph Smith had not the remotest skill in things Egyptian-hieroglyphics," he wrote to a fellow doubting Mormon in 1971. What's more, he wrote to another, "Right now I am inclined to think that all of those who claim to be ‘prophets’, including Moses, were without a means of communication with deity."

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The Man Who Invented the Government Shutdown | TIME.com

The Man Who Invented the Government Shutdown | TIME.com:

As Jimmy Carter’s attorney general, Civiletti was asked for a legal opinion parsing out what exactly the federal bureaucracy is supposed to do when Congress doesn’t pass a budget by deadline. Congress had missed the mark many times before but the issue was becoming particularly urgent; in the four fiscal years from 1977 to 1980—every year of the Carter presidency to that point—Congress had failed to pass a budget on time. Remarkably, Civiletti determined that Carter’s request for a legal opinion on the matter “apparently represents the first instance in which this Department has been asked formally the address the problem as a matter of law.”
Civiletti based his opinion in the Antideficiency Act of 1870, enacted by Congress to stop the then-routine practice of agencies intentionally overspending, secure in the knowledge that Congress would eventually have to pick up the tab. Writes Civiletti, “On its face, the plain and unambiguous language of the Antideficiency Act prohibits an agency from incurring pay obligations once its authority to expend appropriations lapses.”

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17 January, 2018

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr - The Hairpin

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr - The Hairpin:

A small Motion Picture piece from 1941, suggestively entitled “Hedy’s Secret Weapon,” broke the news that The Ecstasy Girl was also a Girl Inventor: “They say it isn’t right, that it shouldn’t happen. Anyone as fabulously beautiful as Hedy Lamarr simply cannot possess brains!” Yet it was “undeniably true” — Patent Number 2292387 belonged to Lamarr.
Over the course of the two-page feature, Anthiel gives full credit to Lamarr, claiming his work on the patent was merely technical.

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How To Kill A Possum - The Awl

How To Kill A Possum - The Awl: "I pathetically consulted my iPhone for ideas, but realized it had done its job: illuminated the problem, and Googled the crap out of it. But as of yet, there isn’t an app that can kill things. Now it was time for me to do my job. Nobody was going to take care of this problem but me, and so far, I had been failing miserably. I had one idea left, and as much as I hate to admit it, it had come from my boyfriend. Lying in bed one night, soon after the “Rooster Incident,” listening to me go on and on obsessively about the possums and how to protect the flock, he told me he had read online about someone who had duct taped a butcher knife to the end of a broom handle and stabbed a possum to death.


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When Truth Falls Apart - The Awl

When Truth Falls Apart - The Awl: "Dismediation isn’t discourse. It doesn’t disinform, and it’s not quite propaganda, as that term has long been understood. Instead, dismediation seeks to break the systems of trust without which civilized society hasn’t got a chance. Disinformation, once it’s done telling its lie, is finished with you. Dismediation is looking to make you never really trust or believe a news story, ever again. Not on Fox, and not on NPR. It’s not that we can’t agree on what the facts are. It’s that we cannot agree on what counts as fact. The machinery of discourse is bricked. That’s why we can’t think together, talk together, or vote together.


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Access Denied - The Awl

Access Denied - The Awl: "To make this as crude and simple as possible, a generation of publications and channels that were built and configured around the maintenance of large and exclusive audiences now find themselves borrowing much less coherent audiences from platforms that mediate their every action. The first and most apparent effects resulting from this change were in their styles of coverage: their stories, videos, and beats changed to better suit the new places in which they’re consumed. These changes were apparent in viral news and curiosity gap headlines; in strange patterns of coverage and new styles of bizarre colloquial feed writing and video. It was a story told largely in terms of publications and their traffic.


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16 January, 2018

Breaking Bad Cast Interview – How Breaking Bad Became a Phenomenon

Breaking Bad Cast Interview – How Breaking Bad Became a Phenomenon: "On premiere night, we did all the planning in the world to launch the show. We scheduled the pilot for the night of the NFC championship game, which was typically the highest non-Superbowl event in sports. We thought the show would be male-skewing, so there’s forty to fifty million men who will be coming off this event, and this is what we would launch Breaking Bad into. Lo and behold, the Giants played the Packers, and the game went into overtime. Only one championship game in the history of the NFL had ever gone into overtime before, and this one did! So for the first fifteen minutes of the premiere, most of America was still watching the game. Looking back, there were countless moments like that where Breaking Bad shouldn’t have succeeded, but the material was strong enough to overcome it."

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15 January, 2018

Wikipedia:Chesterton's fence - Wikipedia

Wikipedia:Chesterton's fence - Wikipedia: "In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple principle; a principle which will probably be called a paradox. There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, "I don't see the use of this; let us clear it away." To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: "If you don't see the use of it, I certainly won't let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it.""

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14 January, 2018

The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari - The Atlantic

The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari - The Atlantic: "Was Grace frozen, terrified, stuck? No. She tells us that she wanted something from Ansari and she was trying to figure out how to get it. She wanted affection, kindness, attention. Perhaps she hoped to maybe even become the famous man’s girlfriend. He wasn’t interested. What she felt afterward—rejected yet another time, by yet another man—was regret. And what she and the writer who told her story created was 3,000 words of revenge porn. The clinical detail in which the story is told is intended not to validate her account as much as it is to hurt and humiliate Ansari. Together, the two women may have destroyed Ansari’s career, which is now the punishment for every kind of male sexual misconduct, from the grotesque to the disappointing.


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13 January, 2018

I'm In Hawaii And Just Got The Scariest Alert Of My Life. Here's What I Did Next.

I'm In Hawaii And Just Got The Scariest Alert Of My Life. Here's What I Did Next.:

As I looked through a big window in the living room, I could see most of Honolulu below. On the edge of the city is the lush Diamond Head extinct volcanic crater. Beneath that lies rows and rows of homes that seem to melt together. The suburban boxes feel like they would just fall into the sea, if not for the skyscrapers that dot Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu and form a wall that stops them from flowing straight into the ocean.
It was the view I had looked at my whole life. But for a split second, I saw it all gone — just gray dust and rubble, like a photo I might have seen of a bombed-out city in World War II.
I saw the people I loved gone, as well as the city that had given me everything, opening its arms to me when I born at Kapiolani Hospital and shaping me into the person I am now.

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The President is Wrong to Accuse the FBI of Treason - Lawfare

The President is Wrong to Accuse the FBI of Treason - Lawfare: "The president seems to have determined that Agent Strzok and Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer to whom he sent the message, were plotting to overthrow him if he were elected. But as the Journal itself reported earlier, that is not the only interpretation of the message. Citing persons familiar with Strzok’s account of the events, the Journal reported that Strzok was responding to Page’s suggestion that the investigation into Russian interference with our election should proceed slowly to avoid compromising sources; Strzok urged that it move quickly because if Trump were elected “some of [his] associates could land administration jobs and it was important to know if they had colluded with Russia.” This interpretation, which is entirely plausible on its face, would reflect not treason but an admirable and entirely appropriate concern to protect our government from possible covert foreign influence. One would hope that the president would at least wait to hear from Strzok and Page before convicting them of a capital offense.


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s1ugg0 comments on Rumor has it he did this even with bone spurs

s1ugg0 comments on Rumor has it he did this even with bone spurs: ""Private Emmanuel Mensah selflessly ran into super heated neurotoxins without a breathing apparatus to save his neighbors. He selflessly venture into the immediately IDLH environment repeatedly to effect rescue."

Make absolutely no mistake. This man suffered to save these people. And he consciously made the choice more than once. To put it another context this is like him running repeatedly into enemy fire, getting shot each time, and still going back to help more people. And, personally, I'd rather be shot then breath in toxic smoke that is a few hundred degrees. In fire school they tell you if you run out of air you should try to keep your mask on and asphyxiate instead of breathing that smoke. Please think about that for a moment. It is literally preferable to be suffocated to death than to breath that smoke. That is what they teach us at the fire academy.

America as a whole is worse off without him. The world is worse off without him."

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